Our Farm Partners

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Kinderhook Farm - Valatie, NY

Kinderhook Farm is the backbone of The Meat Hook’s success. We have been in business together for ten years, and have helped one another grow immensely during that time. Kinderhook welcomes visitors to the farm, where their commitment to regenerative agriculture and humanely raising 100% grass-fed beef is remarkable. Kinderhook raises 100% grass-fed and finished beef, pasture-raised hogs, 100% grass-fed lamb, pastured poultry, and pastured eggs.

Gibson Family Farm - Valley Falls, NY

Dustin Gibson started his farming business as a cow/calf operation for Kinderhook Farms. He helped supply Kinderhook with calves so they could grow their operation. When we needed better quality pastured heritage hogs, Kinderhook introduced us to Dustin to see if he’d be up for the challenge. He took the project on with absolute commitment and has since been able to quit his day job and farm full time, exclusively for The Meat Hook. Everything that Dustin raises he sells to us, we have an amazing relationship. Dustin is fully dedicated to regenerative agriculture practices and has seen unbelievable outcomes in the health of his soil and the quality of his meat.

Hardwick Beef - Co-op

Hardwick is a co-op of 100% grass-fed, grass-finished farms in New York and Pennsylvania. Michael Gorlay is the owner and operator of the co-op and has worked diligently with all of his farms to improve their quality and consistency of their beef. The quality of the beef from Hardwick coop and is a testament to how animal husbandry practices and locale can be huge influences on the end product produced. 

Giannone - Quebec, Canada

Giannone is a co-op of poultry farms in Quebec. They offer the highest quality, most consistent, all-natural, antibiotic-free chicken. This is not a hyper-local, but Giannone is able to supply consistent and beautiful chickens year-round.

Fingerlakes - Seneca Falls, NY

Our NY state chicken is from Fingerlakes Family Farm, a coop of farms in the Fingerlakes/Ithaca area of New York State. These birds are fully pastured and always delicious.

Oink & Gobble - Interlaken, NY

Our turkeys are raised on lush pastures in Interlaken, NY. The fields are dotted with large movable pens which are rotated regularly over fresh pasture. Each pen is a couple thousand square feet and large enough that the birds have plenty of room to forage in fenced areas about half the size of a football field. Inside the pens are covered aluminum frame structures for shelter. These structures are moved along with the pens every couple of days, providing the bird's shelter from inclement weather or the hot sun. Along with their natural foraging, the turkeys are fed a natural local feed that includes non-GMO corn and non-GMO roasted soybeans.